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Techno Trade Links range of drills is suitable for all user requirements. Keeping in mind the aspect of user-friendliness, high performance, accurate size and high speed of drilling, the Drills have been designed to allow complete flexibility to the user.

Our product range constitutes:
  • Metal-Bonded Drills.
  • Metal Bonded Drills with Counter Sunk.
  • Metal Bonded Drills For Wash Basins.
  • Special Purpose Drills.
  • Allows accurate size of hole drilling in any thickness of glass.
  • Drills with countersunk attachment are also available.

We also provide a large variety of shank sizes and shapes for the drills.

They include-

  • Straight Shank
  • Threaded Shank (½" GAS)
  • Internal Thread Shank
  • Habit Shank
  • Shank as per customer requirements.
The size ranges from 4mm to 200mm.The drills are available in both MS and Brass Shanks

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Diamond Drill For Wash Basin
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Metal Bonded Diamond Internal Thread Glass Drill

1/2 " Gas Thread Drill

Diamond Chempering tools and cones
The Glass Drilling Machine is a portable machine.It runs on domestic elecrical power (Thus consuming very less energy). It has two speeds 1400 / 2800 rpm. Water coulet is provided for water to come through the drill.The drilling is very accurate and upto 100mm diameter hole can be drilled.Standard 1/2 " gas thread drill is used. Also suitable for atsite glass drilling.

MD 108
Portable Drilling Machine (MADE IN ITALY)
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